eCourse: Maker in a Box


eCourse: Maker in a Box


For artists, designers, jewelers, crafters, and anyone else who creates a product they make and sell.

How can you strengthen brand awareness for your work in a way that entices new business and activates raving fans to become organic brand ambassadors? By communicating with them where they already are - social media! - and becoming part of their digital lives.

Developed in cooperation with REAL makers of various sorts, 4 videos offer detailed tips to take control of your online presence (even if you don't have eCommerce!), including what platforms to be on, proper profile setup, content strategy, and even step-by-step instructions on easy ways to make video work for your business.

Yes, you can do it.

Yes, you do have time.

Yes, this can impact your bottom line.

Digital files will be sent on December 26 - BOXING DAY!

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