Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy

from 200.00

90-minute social media strategy session: $200

  • Strengthen (or create) profiles
  • Assess previous efforts
  • Branding brainstorm
  • Content strategy outline & guidelines
  • Ads Manager coaching

Untimed strategy deep dive: $500

All of the above, with greater emphasis on:

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Audience profiles
  • Creation of flexible content calendars

Recurring strategy direction

Retainer fees vary; please submit form on Contact page to discuss.

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Q: What do we do at a strategy session?

A: That depends on what you need! Commonly, the strategy session takes place with you in the driver's seat (at the computer) most of the time. We'll ensure you've got the right social media profiles to reach the audience you're aiming for, and make them good and strong to increase your odds of being found. We'll talk about what kinds of content are a good idea for each platform, and how to fit creating that content into your existing workflow. Sometimes I'll do a platform-specific session, as I do for professionals using LinkedIn. Some of my more advanced clients need help ensuring their social media advertising is working as well as possible. Really, it's whatever you need. The common thread is that we actually do a lot of the work during our session, so that you leave with a greater value than a page full of hastily-scribbled notes.

Q: How come an hour and a half is $200, and two and a half hours is $500? Why is it more than twice the price when it's not more than twice the time?

A: Because you're not paying for my time; you're paying for knowledge. And in the Deeper Dive Strategy Session, we get more into the important branding elements that have application far beyond social media. We cover the functional stuff in 90 minutes; in 150+, we dig deep into the foundations as well.

Q: Can you help me out with things that aren't listed here (email marketing, websites, video creation, etc.)?

A: Sure! Contact me about what you're looking to do and let's get the ball rolling.