Steve Forbes on learning from the past

While I certainly enjoyed it and learned from it, I admittedly didn't tweet a lot of Steve Forbes' presentation. It was constructed around a wonderful premise of telling stories of ancient leaders, and how history has repeated itself, especially with regards to modern business. I decided to only stick to tweeting the insights about today (the more eternal insights, I suppose), and skipped retelling the ancient stories. They were fascinating, though, and relevant, and I hope the full presentation gets released eventually so you can all see it.

Forbes, who knows a thing or two about business, as one would imagine, brought home the premise that businesses require focus on their core purpose, and was armed with many stories from throughout the ages of how loss of this foundation has led leaders and companies astray.

By constantly ensuring that their purpose is clear and drives all decisions, businesses are better able to react to market shifts, focus on building around that core instead of wasting energy by spinning into off-brand directions, deal with crises, and move ahead in ways that will ensure the continuance of the organization. Forbes Media continues to be successful 100 years after Forbes' grandfather founded the magazine. It would appear that the lessons in this presentation have been followed to the letter.

Also? Steve himself liked one of my tweets. ;)