Working from Home

I don't normally work from home.

I've been a freelancer - but I had fewer children then, and a home office that had not yet become the junk room of the house. And, oh yeah - I also had a sporadic work ethic, which dovetailed nicely with my sporadic work.

When I started the adventure that is Christine Gritmon Inc., I made two decisions early on:

  • I would incorporate, so that I'd be less inclined to feel like a freelancer and more inclined to take building my company seriously.
  • And I would not work from home.

When you're home, there are numerous demands on your attention. The laundry that's been piling up, which takes just a few minutes to toss into the washer (then just a minute to toss into the dryer, then just a minute to toss back into the laundry basket and take back up again). The dishes, which take just a few minutes to put away, then just a few more minutes to transfer from the sink to the newly-empty dishwasher. The clutter, which takes just a few minutes to organize.

Those minutes add up. Especially when you're distracted. The presence of a comfortable couch and a snoring dog can also serve as sirens, reminding you that self-care is important, and you're at a point of diminishing returns anyway if you're working tired, and you can set your alarm for just a short nap...

Let's not even get into Netflix.

But today? Today, I am tired after a weekend full of work, and some congestion that seems to have returned. But I am also motivated and determined. So today, I am working from home. I am plowing through my to-do list. I am using the housework (and this blog!) as a regular break every 90 minutes or so, when my brain starts to wander - and limiting it. (I only dealt with dishes during the time it took for the very-necessary additional pot of coffee to brew. I'm only dealing with the laundry - one load, just one load! - later, after I've sent out these two new client quotes and organized asset folders for two websites. I'm not even touching the clutter, because that's a trap.)

And today I am very much in need of this comfy couch. And I have brewed more coffee in order to avoid napping with the dog. And I miss having a real home office that is not covered in stuff, but soon. Soon, I will deal with that room. But not today.

Because today, I really need to work.

Do you work from home? What are your best concentration tips?