#MidweekMinute 6/19/19: Now with zero cat filters!

Apparently Facebook’s Libra isn’t simply a new cryptocurrency - it endeavors to turn the world of global finance on its ear, increasing connectivity and access to capital worldwide, and is essentially launching a PayPal-slash-Apple Wallet competitor, Calibra, as the user-facing practical arm.

Facebook has updated its existing comment-ranking algorithm in a further effort to suss out which comments might be the most valuable. (You can tweak how comments display on your own page or profile in Settings.)

Good news: you can let Facebook spy on your off-app activities for money! (It’s for a “Study.”) In case that wasn’t invasive enough, they’re also LITERALLY asking for your blood, with a new blood donation alert feature.

LinkedIn has officially rolled out a whole host of features that had previously been in beta, including photo tagging (I had it already; did you?), emoji reactions (ditto), video messaging, and functional PDFs and slides in the feed, and has also spruced up their old logo (to a barely-perceptible degree).

Pinterest is stepping up its visual search and e-commerce functionality by providing image-context-based shoppable suggestions to “Complete The Look.”

Amazon Spark - their take on a social network - has officially called it quits after two years.

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