#MidweekMinute 6/26/19: Testing, testing...

How would you do as Beyoncé’s assistant? (I got fired pretty much immediately.)

YouTube joins the “let’s hide things that are meaningless and/or potentially harmful” bandwagon (following Twitter’s follower count test & Instagram’s like count test) and is testing hiding comments by default. The test seems to be starting with Android users in India.

YouTube has also released a new augmented reality feature, which is rolling out to beauty influencers first, allowing viewers to virtually “try on” makeup when watching product reviews.

Instagram is testing suggesting accounts to follow via DM, using conversation content to provide a grid of other recommended accounts you may wish to follow.

Twitter removes super geo-precise location tags due to lack of use (you’ll still be able to tell people where you are in terms of more general location).

A bug in Twitter sent unfollow notifications to people (which, while bad enough, were also sometimes inaccurate) - oops! It has since been fixed.

LinkedIn not only wants to help you prepare for interviews by providing practice questions - they will even let you video your responses to them, so you can review your performance in a more concrete way.

LInkedIn continues to refine its advertising tools, now putting Objectives front and center (much like Facebook).

Google is testing a carousel format for text-based ads.

Was your wedding proposal SponCon? (Sheesh - back in my day, just getting asked was enough!)


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