#MidweekMinute 10/23/19: Disruption. Acceleration. Buzzwordbuzzword.

Unlike CERTAIN people, I don’t have a fake Twitter account. (My Finsta, though, is lit!)

Facebook has created a resource hub called “Build To Break” for “disruptors who operate on the cutting edge,” filled with industry studies, a playbook, case studies, and… honestly, it was difficult to break through all the jargon on the landing page to even figure out what this hub is supposed to be, but it will accelerate your growth, apparently.

Facebook is getting rid of the grey “verification” check for business pages this week, after declaring it meaningless in the face of other improved page transparency measures. (Whatever, as long as I don’t lose the fancy blue checkmark on my personal profile…)

Facebook has rolled out new templates for Story ads, making it easier for advertisers to create content for that placement - and they’re also testing out a brand new placement, ads in the Groups tab.

Facebook is testing a dark mode for desktop - it appears to still be in beta, so not everyone has it, but it appears to be fairly worldwide. (Do you have it? Let me know!)

Instagram is now giving you greater control over the information you share with third-party apps. It’s a gradual rollout, though, and could take up to six months to reach all users.

Instagram might be testing a way to help you group accounts you follow, which, if rolled out, would give me personally approximately 300 hours of my life back per year.

Just when I had decided to stop caring about Snapchat, Reddit (which I also don’t normally cover) has announced an integration that would allow for more seamless sharing of Reddit posts on Snapchat.

LinkedIn’s Events feature has now rolled out to everyone - though, as someone who’s been in the beta, I will warn you that they aren’t nearly as “findable” as would be preferred. (Come to #LinkedInLocal Westchester, btw!)

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