#MidweekMinute: Trolls, exploration, pins, journalism, bots, and camaraderie

"When will Twitter take action against the hate being spewed on their platform - and what will they do?" They've detailed exactly what they're doing about it, and when.

"I wish my Facebook feed were more about my friends, and the brands could go somewhere else." Like a new Explore Feed, perhaps?

"I also wish I could 'pin together' pictures, videos & posts that are part of the same basic story." Facebook Sets is in testing.

"I like real journalism and I'm willing to pay for it." So subscribe to Facebook Instant Articles!

"I tend to have the same predictable responses to most of my LinkedIn messages." Let LinkedIn Smart Replies handle it for you!

"LinkedIn is such a great place for networking and thought leadership, and video is great for both - they should have video shows on LinkedIn!" That may be happening soon...

"When I'm on Instagram Live, I wish I could pull a viewer out from the crowd to share the screen with me - I'd feel like Oprah, or Bruce Springsteen." Well, you can do that now, though I doubt Oprah or Bruce will be utilizing this new feature.

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