#INBOUND17: Jen Rubio

The INBOUND Studio is an intimate setting for live-streamed interviews with speakers at #INBOUND17. My ticket level didn't allow access to those sessions, but I had the good fortune of attending a few anyway, due to a combination of tenacity and tweeting.

I admit that I didn't know much about Warby Parker alum Jen Rubio and her startup, Away - I'm not a huge traveler, though I had seen her awesome suitcases (with embedded chargers!) advertised on social media. I loved hearing what she had to say about creating Away as an overall travel brand, beyond just selling suitcases. She and her team truly love travel, and want to contribute in a meaningful way to that culture and dialogue. 

Best quote:
"If you're not emotionally connecting, you're not building a brand, you're just selling a product"

Source: https://storify.com/cgritmon/jen-rubio-at-...