#INBOUND17: Piera Gelardi

I love Refinery29. So I was super excited when their founder, Piera Gelardi - who is my age! - opened up the first full day of INBOUND17. The fierce red suit & matching lipstick only added to my feelings of connection with this brunette badass.

I never planned to grow my company. Silly, right? But I didn't. And now I do. So any lessons on leadership and growth at this conference were lapped up eagerly. Piera's office sounds unbelievably fun: she encourages them to think more creatively, gives them the pressure-free space to do so, and even fuels brainstorming sessions with candy and rose. But she's also running a company, so maintaining the feeling of that creative space has had to become a deliberate priority in the hustle and bustle of everyday business. Hearing her ideas - and the recurring theme of the conference talks, which all dealt with identity and connection - was refreshing and inspiring.

Source: https://storify.com/cgritmon/piera-gelardi...