My girly tech recommendations!

I've recommended several products to several people; here's how to get a few of my faves.

NOTE: These are Amazon Affiliate links. Nobody asked me to recommend any of this stuff, but if you do buy something via one of the links below, I will get a small commission from Amazon. If you want a different variant of one of them that isn't on that link, LMK and I'll send you a special link for the one you want.

The recommendations themselves are 100% pure and legit; no bought opinions here!


Bellabeat Leaf Activity & Wellness Tracker

I found out about Bellabeat Leaf when their ads kept showing up incessantly on all my social media channels; clearly I was in their target demographic! I like Leaf because it's cute. I also like that it tells me how well I'm sleeping; the times that I go to bed & get up are only part of the story. This thing knows if I wake briefly during the night, if I'm tossing and turning, etc. It also connects to the Health app on my phone. It even tracks my stress levels, my period, and warns me when the two might interact! Craziness. And did I mention that it's cute? People who don't even know about Leaf have complemented me on my necklace/bracelet (depending on how I'm wearing it). I clip it directly onto my pajamas for sleep.


Ringly Smart Ring

I had read about Ringly in pieces about the rise of smart jewelry & wearable tech, but it always looked clunkier than anything I'd actually wear (it sits much higher off the finger than this picture implies). I came around when I realized how handy it would be to be able to, say, go to the movies and literally ONLY be notified if the babysitter texted... or ONLY hear from my husband... or ONLY know when a certain client emailed me. Wouldn't we all like to put down the damn phone sometimes, knowing that if any important communication is coming our way, we'll find out about it without having to check? You can program LOTS of different kinds of notifications to receive, with customized alerts (number of vibrations, color of light) for each. Also, it's cuter than I thought (mine is white but I like this black one on Amazon too). As with the Leaf, I've received compliments from people who thought it was just regular jewelry. Always a plus.


Lumee Selfie Case

My husband HATES it when I tell people that this is the case Kim Kardashian uses, but it's highly relevant information. If anyone knows how to properly #selfie, it's her. This isn't the one I have - the one I have only lights up on the selfie side - but this one, which lights on BOTH sides, is the one I'm getting when I upgrade my phone later this year. I go to a lot of events that are poorly lit and I need to get my #selfieparade on. This does the job. (Plus, when people always look good in pics with you, they're more inclined to take more pics with you. Win win!)