Surprise POP-UP Social episode at #SMDay

I didn't expect to do my livestream today. I had, in fact, announced that I was not doing it, since I'd be spending the day (Social Media Day, as it happens) at The Content Funnel's #SMDay Meetup in NYC. I figured all the live-tweeting I'd be doing would be plenty, and that perhaps I'd do a few short livestreams of the presentations.

And then I met Michael.

Michael is the founder and CEO of The Content Funnel, parent company The News Funnel, and a few other companies - and previously headed up leading real estate PR firm Beckerman PR. He gladly agreed to our livestreamed conversation, where we discussed content, blogging, influence, expertise - and of course the importance of personality, authenticity, and giving.

I also got him to give out some tips for my real estate peeps (you know who you are!), and even gave one of them a shoutout. Check it out below!