#MidweekMinute 3/28/18: Insta listens to the people (not in a creepy way)

The FTC is investigating Facebook's privacy practices, following disclosures by Cambridge Analytica. Mark Zuckerburg took out full-page ads in a few newspapers to apologize to users for the breech, and has announced new restrictions on access to user data, as well as making privacy controls easier to find and to use on the platform. Facebook has apparently kept extensive data on calls and texts by users of Android cellphones, but this may have been with users' permission, via the terms of service for their Messenger app.

Mozilla Firefox has released the Firefox Facebook Container extension, which will allow users to keep their Facebook data isolated from other apps. Facebook has also removed a filter that allowed advertisers to target ads based on user’s expressed relationship preferences, and expanded its push to prioritize local news globally.

Instagram has announced a change to their newsfeed algorithm, bringing it closer to a chronological feed and allowing greater control as to when the feed refreshes. They've also introduced account tags and hashtags in user profiles.

Snapchat is rolling out the new Map Explore feature, which will allow users to track friends who share their location. They've also purchased VR and 3D gaming startup PlayCanvas, and are developing the ability to sign into other apps via Snapchat, raising potential privacy concerns.

(Thanks so much to Instagram expert Jenn Herman for her Instagram insights!)