#MidweekMinute 4/4/18: Data squeeze

Facebook further diminishes ad targeting options based on user data, including severing ties with third-party app data and getting tougher on email marketing permissions (used for custom audience targeting), and makes it easier to remove yourself from apps & games you've previously approved. Facebook also adds HD video & 360 photos to Messenger, and improves the VR in its Spaces feature. Instagram also restricts third-party app partnerships, and brings GIFs back to stories (which now have auto full screen ads). Snapchat has beat Instagram to the video-chat-party punch, announcing video chats for up to 16 people. Pinterest splits its feed in two: one for exploration and discovery, and one for people you're following. LinkedIn debuts video on company pages & video ads. YouTube debuts short ads with a reach component.

Flipboard is acting wonky this week (Mercury Retrograde!), so the articles are out of order, but here's more info on all stories above & then some: