#MidweekMinute 5/1/19

Obviously, Facebook’s F8 conference - and the resultant announcements, and IMMEDIATE updates - is the big story this week. I’m even having a special livestream Thursday night with a few experts to go through some of the changes; join us live!

Facebook has announced they’re downplaying the newsfeed in favor of groups and events, making Messenger and direct communications with “close friends” a bigger priority, and upgrading the Dating features that they’ve apparently already had for a year in certain countries (did you even know? I didn’t; I recall announcing that it was coming, but didn’t know it had already happened!).

Facebook has also officially blocked surveys that mine for personal information (which is what got them in all of that privacy hot water to begin with).

Instagram has announced upcoming updates to their Camera feature, the immediate rollout of the Donate button for Stories that I mentioned last week, upgrading its Creator functions for more creative story options, and allowing influencers to sell things directly (more of an affiliate situation than a shop).

Twitter has announced several new live video content partnerships with content creators including Viacom, LiveNation, and the NFL. Not a fan of the new Twitter redesign? It’s all good; you can change it back. Twitter is also creating new tools for users to report misleading election-related posts, starting with India and the European Union - which, IMHO, is хорошая идея.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is testing a “Services” feature for freelancers, which would help connect them directly to potential clients.

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