#MidweekMinute 6/12/19: I'm PROUD of Instagram!

FYI: the moon is not a part of Mars, no matter what you may have read on Twitter.

Happy Pride Month! Instagram joins parent company Facebook (albeit five years later) in allowing users to define their own gender, instead of choosing between male, female, or unspecified. The platform has also released an LGBTQ+ User Safety Guide in cooperation with The Trevor Project.

Instagram now not only has music, but also lyrics, as an option in Instagram stories.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency offering (which is likely either called GlobalCoin or keeping its codename, Libra) may be launching as early as June 18 (yes, that’s next week). Stay tuned.

Facebook is releasing new videochat hardware for its Portal device.

Twitter has clarified its rules regarding platform dos and don’ts.

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