FAQ: Well-equipped

What kind of equipment should you have in order to create great video?

Well… something that can create videos, for one. But that something can be your phone. My entire FAQ video series was filmed on my iPhone, as are most of my videos.

Good lighting can be provided by a window, a lamp… or, yes, a specialized ring light. Quality sound can come from a dedicated USB microphone (I like the Blue Yeti), a lavalier microphone that plugs into your phone (here’s a cheap one that I like)… or just the regular microphone on your phone, computer, or camera. You don’t need a fancy backdrop. You don’t need expensive equipment. In fact, apps like Wave.video, Ripl, and Camtasia don’t require you to film any video footage at all; you can utilize their libraries to create your own video from pre-made content.

So… what’s the one true must-have for your video setup?

A great idea, clearly executed, preferably entertaining and educational.

That’s truly it.