Social: who are you?

Jessie-Lee Nichols of Impact and I discussed our favorite speakers from #INBOUND17 (a list which includes Michelle Obama, Rand Fishkin, Piera Gelardi, & Brene Brown) and how their recurring messages of culture and identity spoke to each of us.

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MidweekMinute: now expanding to 2:80 (just kidding)

Twitter doubles character limit from 140 to 280; Target teams up with Pinterest for visual search; Instagram enhances its privacy settings to limit who can comment on your posts; Microsoft Office 365 incorporates LinkedIn profiles into its products.

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Social: a live video about live video!

I actually met Robert C. Stern (aka The Social Leader) on a livestream - his, where we (along with mutual friend Karen Yankovich) were promoting MRCC Social Media Day, at which we were all going to be presenting. His presentation at the actual event was about 22 ideas for how to use video, a presentation spun off from a popular blog post of his. So who better to come on and talk live video ideas?

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Social: Why your company should be using Facebook Canvas!

Facebook Canvas is a very cool ad format. Different content blocks - containing any combination of photos, video, text, links, and other content formats - combine to form a unique, immersive brand experience. But what are the best ways to use it? And how can you use it to increase conversion?
Mallorie Rosenbluth, head of social media for Grubhub & Seamless, will discuss her successful use of Canvas, including the ability to retarget ads based on which parts of a Canvas ad a user interacted with (ooh, creepy! And useful!).

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Surprise POP-UP Social episode at #SMDay

I didn't expect to do my livestream today. I had, in fact, announced that I was not doing it, since I'd be spending the day (Social Media Day, as it happens) at The Content Funnel's #SMDay Meetup in NYC. I figured all the live-tweeting I'd be doing would be plenty, and that perhaps I'd do a few short livestreams of the presentations.

And then I met Michael.

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#MRCCSocial: 22 Livestreaming ideas with Robert C. Stern

Storify threads of my live tweets from last week's #MRCCSocial conference.

What to livestream about? Robert C. Stern’s got your back with 22 great ideas to get you started.

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