Social: Brian Wallace on #LinkedInLocal

Have you been to a #LinkedInLocal event near you yet?

It’s a grassroots movement - blessed, but not RUN, by LinkedIn - of networking events taking place all over the world.

I first met Rockland native (and current Midwesterner) Brian Wallace of NowSourcing at a #LinkedInLocal event in NYC, and he later brought me into an event closer to me in Spring Valley. In anticipation of my friend Pasquale Palumbo and me hosting our own first #LinkedInLocal White Plains event on Monday, April 1 (with more such events to hopefully follow), I asked for Brian’s take on the LinkedInLocal concept, as well as his top tips for ensuring a great #LinkedInLocal event.

Here are some of Brian’s top tips for throwing your own #LinkedInLocal event:

1 - Get A Great Venue:

Make sure it has good acoustics, spots to network, take pics, video, etc. 
Should have enough space for the size you plan on doing

2 - Have A Great Team:

Helping get speakers / moderators / MC / event space / food / social
Organize the team - make sure they all know their roles and what to say

3 - have enough time to promote:

At least 1 month
Use Eventbrite, but also promote on Linkedin through #linkedinlocal hashtag
Lots of the global linkedinlocal movement will also help - over 800 cities!

4 - deliver value to the audience:

This shouldn't be a crappy leadgen / sales pitch
Know how to explain the value of your LinkedIn network from a social / soft skills side as well as the latest and greatest tech / content trends happening on the platform.

5 - work together:

LinkedInlLocal is a grassroots movement and sometimes there may be multiple groups of people / personalities / locations.  It doesn't have to be a turf battle - work it out and make it the best that can be!