#MidweekMinute 5/22/19: Zuck's Swiss bank account?

Facebook updates the algorithm (again), Ad Relevancy Score reporting, external tracking , and brings back “View As Public”; their rumored cryptocurrency gets its own Swiss bank account; Instagram Explore gets new tabs and loses the Direct app; Twitter Developer Labs launching; TweetDeck gets GIFs and Polls.

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#MidweekMinute 5/8/19: F8 wasn't the end of it...

And you thought Facebook got out all of its announcements last week at F8… nope! News on the video algorithm, Messenger features, Workplace layout, new Cryptocurrency rumors, and Instagram “join chat” sticker.

Also, Twitter did a thing.

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#MidweekMinute: App Tweaks

Facebook’s playing with swipeable hybrid interfaces & Messenger reabsorption; Insta cracks down on buttcracks; “twttr” (yes) also plays with swipes, and goes darker; I give LinkedIn’s newest feature an “angry face” emoji.

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