#MidweekMinute (sorry, no video!)

Facebook simplifies ad metrics, encourages local news subscriptions, posts local job offerings across the socioeconomic spectrum, allows users to opt-out of facial recognition, & considers entering streaming music market; Facebook Messenger allows users to add friends during calls & creates a customer chat plug-in for business; Twitter limits automated tweets from multiple accounts; YouTube adds location tagging, automatic captioning, & chat replay.

(No video this week, since I was too preoccupied at #SMMW18 to pull it together!)

Facebook Simplifying Metrics for Ad Performance

Facebook Simplifies Metrics After Data-Reporting Issues, Advertiser Confusion (The Wall Street Journal)

Facebook says it’s clarifying its ad metrics (Tech Crunch)

Facebook is removing 20 outdated, redundant ad metrics; adding methodology labels (Marketing Land)

Facebook Facial Recognition Includes Opt-Out Option

Facebook's New Face Recognition Features: What We Do (and Mostly Don't) Know (Gizmodo)

Facebook’s vaguely worded face recognition “announcement” coincided with a legal setback (Fast Comppany)

Facebook is starting to tell more users about facial recognition (the Verge)

Facebook Boosting Local News Publishers 

Facebook program aims to boost local news subscriptions (Engadget)

Facebook launches a local news accelerator for publishers (Tech Crunch)

Facebook is dead serious about getting you reading more local news (MIT Technology Review)

Facebook Launches Job Postings

Facebook rolls out job posts to become the blue-collar LinkedIn (Tech Crunch)

Facebook May Enter Streaming Music Market

Facebook Could Be Preparing to Enter the Streaming Music Market (Fox Business)

Facebook Messenger Allows Adding People During Calls, Adds Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook Messenger now lets you easily turn one-on-one video calls into group calls (9TO5Mac)

Facebook Messenger now lets you add friends during calls without stopping the party (The Next Web)

Facebook Messenger now lets you add more people to in-progress calls (Tech Crunch)

Facebook Messenger Adds Customer Chat Plugin For Businesses (ZD Net)

Twitter Limits Automated Tweets

Twitter bars tactics used by 'bots' to spread false stories (Reuters)

Twitter cracks down on automated tweets (The Hill)

YouTube Adds Chat Replay, Automatic Captions, Location Tagging

YouTube Live gains automatic captions, chat replay and more (TechCrunch)

YouTube Live gets automatic English captions, live chat replays, and more (Venture Beat)

YouTube Goes Local With Location Tagging for Uploads and Live Streams (Variety)