#MidweekMinute 6/5/19: Pinning more IKEA...

BRB, applying to become Tweeter-in-Chief

Mozilla’s Firefox browser’s latest update includes a tracking blocker (a move already preceded by Apple’s Safari browser), sending Facebook Pixel devotees into a tizzy.

Facebook has been teasing their Bitmoji-esque Avatars since at least 2017, but they’re finally here (well, in the Australian test market, at least) for use in Messenger and comments.

Facebook has stepped up its Video Ad tools, enabling a whole bunch of creator features (including text and stickers), optimized sizes for different uses, the ability to split a video into multiple shorter ads, and - a blessing amidst all these fun features - the ability to save progress while putting this all together.

Facebook’s been testing integrating subscription options into Instant Articles, and is now officially rolling out the feature to all Instant Article publishers.

Facebook Portal has released a smartphone app to integrate with the device’s functions.

Game developers who advertise on Facebook will now have the ability to run rewarded video and playable ads via Audience Network.

Furthering Instagram’s close relationship with the “influencer” industry, brands can now turn influencer posts into “Branded Content” advertisements.

Instagram may be testing an Order sticker, likely a way to further commerce functionality in Stories, as well as further insights as to new vs. old “likes” on posts and account follower/unfollower info.

Twitter will now let you add guests to live video streams - but, just like this recent addition to sibling Periscope, guests are audio-only for now (think of it like a call-in show). Twitter has also acquired artificial intelligence firm Fabula AI to help combat false accounts, spam, “fake news,” and other pitfalls of the platform.

LinkedIn has acquired digital identity firm Drawbridge in a bid to enhance ad targeting functions.

And, just in case there wasn’t enough IKEA presence on Pinterest, the Swedish furnishings giant is now officially moving a shoppable version of its catalog onto the platform.

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