#MidweekMinute: better visuals & more advertising power

Facebook is NOT limiting your feed to 25 friends; Facebook's Watch eyes more of a YouTube model; Facebook's audience insights get even creepier; Google Pixel 2 Visual Core enabled for Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp; Snapchat introduces more colorful text options, the ability to mute, and an in-app merchandise store; Instagram Stories has fun with type, introduces longer Story ads, and is still probably working on video chat; Maisie Williams introduces Daisie.

Facebook Friend Limit

Does a New Facebook Algorithm Only Show You 26 Friends? (Snopes)

Facebook limiting status updates in news feed to 25 friends? That's a hoax, pass it on (USA Today)

No, Facebook isn't limiting you to 25 friends' status updates (CNet)

Facebook Expanding Watch

Facebook is talking to advertisers about a more direct assault on YouTube (CNBC)

Facebook Is About to Declare War on YouTube(The Motley Fool)

Facebook may share ad money to lure creators from YouTube (Engadget)

Facebook Estimates Users' Socioeconomic Status

Facebook patent tries to guess users' socioeconomic status (Axios)

Facebook patents technology that would estimate users' socioeconomic status (The Hill)

Google's Pixel 2

The Pixel 2’s Visual Core photo processor now works with Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat (TechCrunch)

Google expands Pixel Visual Core’s HDR+ to Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp (9To5)

Google enables Pixel Visual Core for better Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp photos (The Verge)

Google Flips the Switch on Its Pixel Visual Core (Wired)

Snapchat Redesign

Snapchat redesign gets colorful text, while all users can mute specific chats (Digital Trends)

Snapchat slips in features like fonts and do not disturb amidst redesign (TechCrunch)

Snap Store 

Snapchat’s new Snap Store teases in-app commerce potential (TechCrunch)

Snapchat launches in-app merchandise store, opening the potential for mCommerce (Mobile Marketing)

Snapchat opens in-app shopping section with Snap Store(Marketing Land)

Instagram Type Mode

Introducing Type Mode in Stories (Instagram)

Instagram Adds Text-Only Feature to Stories (NY Mag)

Why Can’t I Change My Instagram Story Font? Type Mode Is A Game-Changer (Bustle)

Instagram Carousel Ad Format

Instagram triples length of Story ads with carousel format (Marketing Land)

Instagram’s Carousel ad format is coming to Instagram Stories (TechCrunch)

Instagram Video Chat

Instagram Leak Reveals Radical New Video Feature (Forbes)

Instagram video calling leak hints at major future feature (Slash Gear)

Report: Video chats coming to Instagram (Phone Arena)


Actress Maisie Williams to launch Daisie, a social app for talent discovery and collaboration (TechCrunch)


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