#MidweekMinute: Messenger's where it's at

Facebook creates a new messaging app for younger audiences, adds video ads, clamps down on audience insights. Instagram integrates contacts with Messenger, adds story archives & highlights, and takes a stand against animal abuse. Pinterest creates a two-way relationship with FB Messenger with a pin-finding bot and easy pin sharing.

Facebook Debuts "Messenger Kids"

“Messenger Kids” Gives Children Under 13 Their First Taste Of Facebook (Fast Company)

Facebook's new chat app for kids makes parents approve conversations (Business Insider)

Facebook Messenger Kids Debuts as a Texting App for Children Ages 12 and Under (Fortune)

Facebook Considering "Pre-roll" Video Ads

Facebook could start putting ads at the beginning of some videos, report says (CNBC)

Facebook videos may start with ads, just like on YouTube (Mashable)

Facebook to Test Pre-Roll Video Ads Ahead of Watch Shows (AdAge)

Facebook Dropping "Audience Insight" API

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its API That Marketers Lean on for Research (AdWeek)

Importing Instagram Contacts into Facebook Messenger

You can now import your Instagram contacts into Messenger (TechCrunch)

Instagram contacts can now be imported into Messenger (Social Barrel)

Instagram Stories Can be Archived in Your Profile

Your favorite Instagram stories can now live on in your profile (Fast Company)

Instagram lets you Archive expired Stories and Highlight favorites on your profile (TechCrunch)

Instagram Just Introduced Two Ways to Keep Stories Around for More Than 24 Hours (Adweek)

Instagram now lets brands feature Stories Highlights on their profile pages (Marketing Land)

Instagram Fights Against Potential Abuse of Animals or Nature in Photos

Instagram warns you if posts show harm to animals or nature (Engadget)

Taking a #koalaselfie or #dolphinkiss photo? Instagram has something to say about it.(The Washington Post)

Think before posting #lionselfies, Instagram implores users (USA Today)

Pinterest & FB Messenger

Pinterest rolls out chatbot, native features for Facebook’s Messenger (Marketing Land)

Pinterest integrates deeper with Facebook with a new bot and messenger extension (TechCrunch)

Pinterest makes it easy to share pins on Facebook Messenger (Engadget)

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