She had me at "Zack Morris"

Not gonna lie: I was the most psyched for Mallorie's presentation. In addition to the fact that, like myself, she's got awesomely vibrant-colored hair, take a look at this description of her talk:

Be Like Zack Morris: Using the power of storytelling to sell via social media
Mallorie Rosenbluth, Sr. Manager, Social Media, Grubhub / Seamless

Ever wonder how Zack Morris (yes, that Zack Morris) gets every girl during Saved by the Bell and Screech can’t score one date with Lisa? Watching Zack’s techniques won’t just entertain you and indulge your desire for nostalgia; it will also unlock insights and strategies to apply towards driving ROI via your social media channels. In this session, you’ll learn about the Zack Morris approach and hear real examples of how this technique has worked in practice for both Grubhub and Seamless.


Beyond the "Saved by the Bell" retro goodness, this actually sounded like a really useful presentation. And it was!

(In short: Screech's persuasion technique to get Lisa is like shouting, "Buy me!" at your audience; Zack gets all the ladies via understanding his target and wooing them via suave storytelling)

I'm planning to have Mallorie on Social sometime soon to discuss Facebook Canvas, since I think a lot of us could use a little more understanding of this great new feature. The story she told about retargeting consumers based on which part of a Canvas they interacted with the most was just a stroke of absolute brilliance - one which I'm dying to try!