My favorite insights from #SMDay

I was all psyched to celebrate #SocialMediaDay (yes, internet holidays always get a hashtag) this year - and was shocked to discover only ONE #SMDay meetup planned for NYC! The Content Funnel is primarily real-estate based, so I wasn't sure if this particular event would be super-relevant to me... but with speakers from Seamless/Grubhub, Boxed, Comedy Central & more, I decided to go for it. I had a phenomenal time, learned a ton, and even got to record a surprise pop-up episode of Social with the CEO of The Content Funnel, Michael Beckerman!

As usual, I Tweeted... as usual, I'll be sharing my Storify threads in blog posts all week. Check out my episode of Social here, and see below for a collection of my favorite random tweets. Threads of the full presentations will be released one per day throughout the week.

7/3: Be Like Zack Morris: Using the power of storytelling to sell via social media

7/4: Disrupting an utterly boring category: A look into how Boxed is changing the way toilet paper is bought

7/5: Planning for change. Why the “annual” plan needs to be interrupted

7/6: Integrating online customer feedback with offline customer experiences

Posting 7/7: Getting Smarter On Social: A “how-to” for social media analytics & insights

*Kate McKnight's presentation was great, but a) it was more of a journey through a process her company went through than something specifically relevant to my business, and b) I was super-distracted at that time since I was busily posting & promoting the livestream I had just recorded... but don't worry, you'll see way more of her insights on Thursday when I share my tweets from the whole presentation!