Rock Your Personal Brand workshop at #MRCCSocial

I attended the first ever Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce Social Media Day in June 2016, shortly after launching my own social media business. It was the first time I had been in a room full of people who geeked out about social media as much as I did (if not more!). I learned some incredible lessons that I use - and quote! - on a near-daily basis, with full awareness of where I got them from. And I made some great connections that I've kept up...some of which resulted in my spot as a presenter at THIS year's Social Media Day conference!

I submitted several abstracts, and the one that the organizers chose was "Rock Your Personal Brand." While this was the one I was shakiest on, it's also a topic I'd already been conceiving an ecourse about, so this was a great opportunity to strengthen some of those concepts and see what needed more work. Consider it a rehearsal for the intro section of the course, which I plan to develop and release this summer. And of COURSE I live-streamed it. ;)