#MidweekMinute 4/25/18: Greater transparency for all

Facebook provides new levels of transparency in how they identify controversial content (as does YouTube), and provides greater transparency into their privacy settings (as does Twitter).  In video news, Facebook introduces "Premieres," which streams pre-recorded video as live, and introduces pre-roll ads to a wider variety of videos from smaller creators than before. In advertising developments, Facebook is testing playable game preview ads, adding "loyalty prediction" settings for advertisers to attract fans who are more inclined to be brand-loyal, and people placing political ads on Facebook will need to register and prove their IRL identities. Instagram now allows batch uploads of up to 10 photos/videos to Stories. Snapchat adds a playable filtered selfie game, enters into additional exclusive programming deals with Viacom, and adds tabs to their redesign (but only for some users). Pinterest continues development of cool features to business profiles, introducing dynamic cover images and monthly page views. Reddit wades a little further into the advertising world, expanding its team and courting brand partnerships.