#MidweekMinute 5/16/18: take a break

As stated last week, everyone's all abuzz that Facebook might - MIGHT - be developing their own cryptocurrency. Facebook also still hasn't escaped its data privacy woes: it just banned an additional 200 apps for illegally accessing or utilizing user data. In other, more popular news, Facebook's popular Live feature has unveiled the option of streaming across several pages at once, and is testing a "rewind" tool for live videos. (Cue Cher.) Facebook is also rolling out 3 new Facebook Story features to India first, with the intention to release them to the rest of the world soon thereafter: audio posts, archives, and the ability to save past story footage in your actual Facebook account (rather than on your phone).

Instagram has launched an emoji slider for Story polls, so you can tell us how you REALLY feel. And those ever-curious Instagram code spelunkers have unveiled the existence of an unlaunched "Time Spent" metric that can tell you precisely how much of your time you've spent scrolling through vacay shots

YouTube aims to keep you from frittering away too many hours passively watching by taking a leaf from Netflix's book and asking you periodically if you are still engaged in the platform, or if you need to "take a break" (you can control how long before it asks you in Settings). They're also rolling out a "voice remote" feature for Android.

Snapchat's redesign has been rolled back via yet another redesign, but users still aren't happy, claiming it keeps several of the redesign's least popular features.

Twitter will start identifying and hiding tweets that "detract from the conversation."

LinkedIn attempts to tell you how well your profile information matches what an employer has stated they're looking for before you even apply for a job.