Social returns, with two of my faves!

It’s back!

In case you’re new here: I had a weekly FB Live show, Social, that started in April 2017. I relaunched it in mid-2018 as a pre-recorded show focusing on local small business owners… then dropped off after 5 episodes. Now I’m bringing it back in its original format: live, Fridays at 12 noon ET, with a variety of guests from across the social media spectrum.

My first guests of the relaunch were my fabulous friends Julie & Jen of DepICT Media in Wichita, Kansas.

Julie and Jen may look familiar: they’ve been on the show before, and I on theirs (twice!). They were also part of Road to Social, a group road trip in June 2018 centered around several Social Media Day events (including #SMDayICT, which they helped organize).

They are wonderful, they are brilliant, they are great on video, and they know their s#!t when it comes to social media.

Much like Christine Gritmon Inc. does in the Hudson Valley, DepICT Media focuses on the needs of small, local businesses in the Wichita area. A year after “Facebookpocalypse,” people are STILL talking about the algorithm shift, so we decided we’d talk about how the new algorithm actually opens up more opportunities for small business than it shuts down.

Businesses have gotten spoiled. Social media provided unprecedented access to consumers - and businesses got way too comfortable broadcasting with no obligation to actually interact with their public. The great thing about this, as it pertains to the algorithm shift, is that businesses who want to “set it and forget it” will fall by the wayside when it comes to organic reach, and those business who are willing to utilize social media to facilitate, rather than replace, direct interaction with consumers will more easily stand out among the crowd.

Be human. Show your personality! Show that there are actual humans managing your social media accounts (and your business!) rather than corporate talking heads spouting out sales pitches. Having a unique voice (even an unpolished one!) will help you stand out from not only your direct competitors, but also from larger brands, which often aren’t able to be as flexible with showing off their “human side.”

Community-building means more than collecting “likes.” Vanity metrics mean nothing; it’s not how many people are watching, it’s whom, and what they’re doing next. You want the right people engaging with your brand, interested in what you offer, and hopefully buying. The way to do this is by investing in creating a sense of community amongst your followers - whether by using groups, or simply emphasizing your local cred and charm - and making them feel like they’re a part of something, rather than just being another faceless transaction.

Finally, we learned that my husband really likes Wendy’s.

Check out our conversation below:

Please join me again on Friday, January 11 at 12 noon ET, when I’ll be speaking with Filomena Fanelli of Impact PR & Communications about using social media & earned media to establish thought leadership.