#MidweekMinute 5/29/19: Feel the rainbow

Sorry, CrossFit fans.

Instagram’s IGTV is now accepting landscape videos as well as the original portrait-orientation videos. Instagram is also working on adding Story functionality to the post creation interface, and will turn your story ring rainbow if you use Pride hashtags during Pride Month (June).

YouTube will begin hiding subscriber counts in August for accounts that have over 1,000 followers, echoing recent announcements from Instagram and Twitter that seek to downplay focus on empty metrics.

More progress on Facebook’s CryptoCurrency: “GlobalCoin” is slated to roll out in 1Q20. Facebook has also added the ability for group admins to give feedback to members who break group rules.

LinkedIn Company Pages now feature a tab providing visibility into all ads that page has run in the past six months, which follows Facebook’s fairly recent addition of same. LinkedIn has also revamped its Sales Navigator platform to place updates front and center, and enhance integrations with other Microsoft software.