Social: Farewell to #InternJaylene!

I'm so sad to have to bid farewell to my intern, Jaylene! In our time together this summer, Jay earned her Inbound Marketing certification from HubSpot, researched and set up CRM systems, social media scheduling tools, and other business programs, learned about the latest social media trends, helped with some content creation & distribution, and got hands-on experience dealing with the real-life digital marketing needs of small business owners. I got significant help organizing my business, learned how letting go and finally delegating some things can make me MUCH better at my job, and got my feet wet as a manager (I'd never managed anyone before Jay). I'm sad that our time together is at an end, but I'll be happy to recommend Jay for her first post-collegiate job when she graduates in December, and I'm looking forward to getting some things accomplished with my next intern this fall!

Once we got past the technical difficulties, Jay shared a bit about what she's learned this summer, and gave us her thoughts on inbound marketing (spoiler alert: inbound marketing is awesome).