#MidweekMinute 10/2/19: Trashing the trash talk

Wow… that whisteblower sure does have a lot of Twitter accounts…

No, your Facebook isn’t broken; the previously-announced “Hiding Likes” test has begun on some accounts (all articles claim the test is Australia-only for now, but I have a few friends in the U.S. whose likes have already begun disappearing from public view).

Facebook will also soon allow some creators to add Messenger functionality to the “swipe up” feature in Story ads.

In the farther-off future, Facebook is developing augmented reality glasses that will work in combination with an AR map of real-world environments, as well as a virtual reality gaming space called Horizon.

Instagram is testing the ability to receive (or send!) product launch notifications . They’re also extending use of the Branded Content tag to IGTV videos (but you have to be approved first), and have launched the @creators account to encourage the IG creator community to, well, create.

Someone getting nasty in your DMs (in a way you don’t like)? Twitter’s rolling out new filters for that.

YouTube is now available on Google’s Fire TV streaming device, and has also introduced features for creators to more easily search, moderate, and filter comments.

LinkedIn continues developing its advertising tools, with new enhancements to audience targeting.

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