#MRCCSocial: Media Panel

As many of you know, I was a journalist before I started Christine Gritmon Inc.

In fact, a former boss, Ed Forbes, was supposed to be on the #MRCCSocial media panel. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it, but instead I got to meet his NorthJersey.com colleague Elyse Toribio, who was lovely.

Journalism and social media are more closely tied than I think most people realize. It's become a vital tool in the gathering, telling, and distribution of stories in a world where information - both important and trivial - is coming at us 24/7. In an era where everyone's documenting their every waking moment, how does actual journalism stand out amidst the noise? And how do you get the attention of the news media (still a very important force; just ask anyone in PR) when it seems like everyone has something to share?

The lively and informative panel was moderated by Sandra Fathi of Affect. In addition to Elyse, panelists included Wayne Cabot of WCBS 880; Anjalee Khemlani of NJBIZ, and Joan Verdon of NorthJersey.com.

Source: https://storify.com/cgritmon/mrccsocial-59...