#MRCCSocial: Content Marketing with Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is a powerhouse.

The founder of SmartHustle.com wears many hats: entrepreneur, global speaker, best-selling author, White House presenter (and Obama-interviewer), Congressional witness, FBI Citizens Academy graduate, former United Nations employee - and new Christine Gritmon fan! ;)

Now, I'll tell you this: it was HARD live-tweeting Ramon's presentation. This guy moves a mile a minute. But he knew how to keep us along for the ride. And he'll teach you how to keep your audience along for the ride, too, with his key tips for content marketing.

I cannot WAIT to have Ramon as a guest on Social at some point in the future. No idea what I'll have him on to discuss - the options are pretty endless with him! - but I'm sure we'll think of something. Stay tuned!

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