What can we learn from mall management? Plenty.

I'll admit that I was highly distracted during this presentation, and probably didn't do my very best Tweeting. It was right after lunch and I had just recorded my episode of Social with the CEO of the organization putting on the event... and was thus posting my broadcast all over creation while also listening to Anne speak. I did listen, though!

Integrating online customer feedback with offline customer experiences
Anne McKnight, Manager, Paid Media, GGP

Based on its mission to provide outstanding experiences, GGP, a leading owner and operator of high quality retail real estate in the U.S., transformed its marketing technology ecosystem. GGP streamlined 300+ social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for 118 properties), to ensure responses to customer comments/inquiries fell within the set SLA and feedback was aggregated in an actionable format.

GGP, like our hosts The Content Funnel, is in the real estate world, so I wasn't sure how relevant the talk would be. Turns out it was a customer service tale that contained applicable lessons for any business that deals with the public:

  • Ensure you're responsive, both online and in terms of real-life action on feedback.
  • Maintain a consistent procedure and brand voice.
  • Constantly learn from mistakes and use them to improve processes moving forward.
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