I wonder if they can accurately graph how much I miss Jon Stewart...

First things first: Comedy Central is indeed a fun place to work, according to Claire Joyce.

Despite the fun (and, ultimately, irrelevant) images of various Comedy Central stars peppered throughout the PowerPoint, this presentation had nothing to do with comedy. It did, however, have highly useful information for anyone involved in trying to measure & impact fan engagement (which should be pretty much everyone).

Getting Smarter On Social: A “how-to” for social media analytics & insights
Claire Joyce, Manager of Social Media Analytics & Insights, Comedy Central

Are you in over your head in data and analytics? We Got YOU! In this talk, Joyce will share her favorite tools and best practices she uses at Comedy Central. Learn how to spend less time on the platforms and get better results. She will show specific tactics and analytics behind Comedy Central’s social platforms. Not only do they make you laugh, but there is BIG data behind every move. If you love graphs, stats and social media, this session is for you.

A lot of the best insights from this presentation aren't below, simply because they got into the nitty-gritty of audience analytics, which tends not to make for great Tweeting. I loved it, though - geeking out on data is something I enjoy, and intend to obtain a lot more training in. Check out this amazing Chart of Charts for some data-geekery goodness:

I also enjoyed seeing the parallels between newsroom analytics (I used to be a journalist) and broadcast analytics: both are all about monitoring who's consuming what media, when, how, and trying to increase not only consumption but also engagement. Very interesting stuff.

Plus, I won a set of South Park figurines for being the first to correctly identify one of Comedy Central's fellow Viacom properties (MTV). Sweet!

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