Social: Go update your LinkedIn!

For years, LinkedIn was basically a static place to park your online resume and stay in tentative touch with former colleagues and others in your "network"; updates only really happened when you were applying for jobs or got a new one.

In recent years, however, LinkedIn has really upped its game, becoming an active and vibrant place to nuture community, establish thought leadership, and to find and be found. Social media strategist Karen Yankovich recognized the power of this revamped platform early on, and has emerged as an established LinkedIn expert. (Clients: if I've helped you strengthen your LinkedIn, it's because Karen taught me how!) 

In this week's Social, Karen discusses, among other things:

- If you should bother having a Company Page (yes!) and why;

- What parts of your profile matter most;

- What you should and shouldn't do in order to be sure your profile stands out