Social: Why your company should be using Facebook Canvas!

Today on Social I got to speak with the lovely Mallory Rosenbluth from GrubHub & Seamless! We discussed how to use Facebook Canvas to promote your business, and why you should be using it. Mallory talked about how you need to go by the cliche "content is king," because it is! In todays social media chaos, sometimes its hard to stand out from the crowd and be "thumb stoppingly creative." By using Facebook Canvas, Mallory explains how they use this amazing tool to really connect and engage with their customers. Grub hub found that the tilt to pan option gave them the most customer engagement rates, and the carousel option is where they generated the highest click-through-rates. Being able to use these creative tools for customer engagement is amazing, but its even better to use these by adding in a call to action option directly after the Canvas advertisement is finished. 

Mallorie talked about how easy it is for anyone to create one of these advertisements, stating "It's drag and drop, its just so easy!" She also pointed out that, "businesses large and small can succeed with canvas... it looks like it costs a million bucks, but it didn't!" 

If you're interested in learning more about Facebook Canvas, which you TOTALLY should be, tune in below!