#MRCCSocial: 22 Livestreaming ideas with Robert C. Stern

I first met "Social Leader" Robert C. Stern when he graciously extended an invitation to fellow #MRCCSocial presenters to participate in a Facebook Live broadcast on his page promoting the event. I was a guest along with the incredible Karen Yankovich, who I'd met at the previous year's Social Media Day. Technical glitches aside, it was a great time, and I look forward to sharing a livestream with Robert again sometime soon (Karen too!) (future Social guests, for sure!)

Like myself, livestreaming is Robert's "thing." So many people and businesses know it's an increasing part of the social media landscape, yet few know how they can take advantage of it. "What do I livestream about?" Well, Robert knows what you can livestream about. And he's a generous guy, so he shares.

As any good content marketer knows, when you have a good piece of content, it's best to get as much mileage out of it as you possibly can. Robert created a blog out of 22 Ideas for Video Content months ago. He then created a more engaging post a few months later by adding video to the original content and reposting. This caught the eye of MRCC's conference planners, and Robert was able to adapt that same premise into this presentation at Social Media Day. Brilliant!
(And now, I suppose, it's still rolling, as certain conference attendees are getting their own mileage out of it by sharing their tweets from his presentation and blogging about them!)

Source: https://storify.com/cgritmon/mrccsocial-22...