Social: FB ad targeting, live from Greece!

As I get in touch with more groups of entrepreneurs & social media folk online, I'm learning from people way outside the confines of Nyack - including this week's guest Georgios Chasiotis, who joined us live from Greece!

Georgios's company, Slide In, uses digital marketing to grow companies in a way that's sustainable - by building and nurturing relationships, not focusing on one-and-done sales transactions. Georgios offers some useful tips for how to put Facebook to work for this objective: building sustainable relationships with the right people who your company can offer value to. (Amen!)

A few of Georgios's key points:

Audience Targeting: Ensure you're reaching the right people who are actually interested in your product. Look at customers as three-dimensional people, with an array of likes and dislikes, and sub-target accordingly. Create custom audiences from your best customers, and target "lookalikes" who are likely to also be interested in your product. Finally, don't be afraid to exclude those clients who aren't what you're looking for (and vice-versa).

Ad Creative: Speak to your clients with the words they use, and make it clear that you understand their concerns. Try showing different ads to different groups. And when something's working, put all your money there - not to something that's failing to deliver. Don't waste time talking to those who aren't going to gain value from your message.

Full Customer Experience: Getting the sale isn't the end of it. Thank your customers, and ensure everything's going well with their experience. If you drop the relationship once the money changes hands, you're not going to get another sale - and you're not truly offering value, just a product.


To put these tenets into practice for your business NOW, in time for the busy holiday season, join me next Friday in Haverstraw for my Facebook Audience Targeting Bootcamp:

In this active workshop, you'll gain deep levels of insight on your existing audience (and what else they're engaging with!), assemble your own custom & lookalike audiences, and create some highly targeted ads that WILL drive business.